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Create, execute and manage share schemes

EMI options, unapproved options or growth shares

Add and manage an existing share scheme

Shareholder portfolio to view shares, certificates and documents

Handle vesting schedules and exercise digitally

Automated notifications for EMI HMRC submissions

Real time cap table

Secure document centre

Full Companies House integration

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What if I don’t want to be trapped in a long term subscription?

You won’t be. You can easily leave Vestd at any time.

Why do you charge a monthly subscription and not a one off fee?

With Vestd, our professionally developed legal agreements essentially come for free. What you pay for is our experience and support on tap whenever you need it (a balanced view for you and your shareholders) and our software to create, execute and manage your share scheme and shareholders efficiently and securely all in one place online. You can’t sustainably sell software for a one off fee so we charge an affordable monthly subscription rather than an extortionately high up front fee.

We find that overall, Vestd ends up being thousands of pounds cheaper for our customers than traditional routes for creating share schemes.

What if I want to stop my subscription but still have share agreements that haven’t vested?

If during the vesting period of a share agreement you no longer wish to use Vestd we make it easy to leave. If it’s an option scheme we simply help you export your documents and details. If you’ve been using growth shares, you would forgo the ability to cancel these shares at a later date, as the conditional structure Vestd provides can only be facilitated while the shares are on the platform.

Why do I have to pay for up to 25 employees when I have much less?

Technology allows us to deliver Vestd at an affordable price for most businesses. We find that after 25 shareholders businesses tend to be more complex and need more support so thats the point we start to charge more to sustainably offer the service.

Tracey Blake from Student Nannies

There has been nothing at all I have disliked! Ifty and his team couldn't be more supportive and helpful.

Tracey Blake, Student Nannies

We’re obsessed about making shares easy to use for small businesses

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