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£0 / mo

Free cap table access

View all your shareholders, their percentages and your share classes, all in one place using our cap table tool

Manage Equity

£50 / mo*

Includes everything in ‘View’ plus...

Give your shareholders access to an online portfolio to view their shares and documents

Companies House notifications and updates

Execute fundraising rounds

Share Schemes

£100 / mo*

Includes everything in ‘Manage’ plus...

Create a new share scheme (EMI, unapproved options, growth shares) or distribute ordinary shares

Manage your existing share scheme (EMI or unapproved options)

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What if I don‘t want to be trapped in a long term subscription?

You only pay our monthly fee if you have open share agreements (e.g. a share agreement still in its vesting period). Once all your shareholder agreements are vested and if you no longer want to manage your shareholders using Vestd, we’ll simply move you down to our cap table plan, which you can access for free.

What if I want to stop my subscription but still have share agreements that haven‘t vested?

You can leave Vestd easily at any time. If during the vesting period of a share agreement you no longer wish to use Vestd we make it easy to leave. If it‘s an option scheme we simply help you export your documents and details. If you’ve been using growth shares, you would forgo the ability to cancel these shares at a later date, as the conditional structure Vestd provides can only be facilitated while the shares are on the platform.

Why do you charge a monthly subscription and not a one off fee?

With Vestd, our professionally developed legal agreements essentially come for free. What you pay for is our expertise on tap whenever you need it (a balanced view for you and your shareholders) and our software to manage your share scheme and shareholders efficiently and securely all in one place online. You can’t sustainably sell software for a one off fee so we charge an affordable monthly subscription rather than an extortionately high up front fee.

We find that overall, Vestd ends up being thousands of pounds cheaper for our customers than traditional routes for creating share schemes.

Why do I have to pay for up to 50 employees when I have much less?

Technology allows us to deliver Vestd at an affordable price for most businesses. We’d offer this to all but find that after 50 people businesses tend to be more complex and need more support so we work with these businesses on a case by case basis.

If you are an early stage company you might be eligible to access all of our products for just £25 a month. Get in touch and we’ll give you a decision incredibly quickly.

Ritam Gandhi from Studio Graphene

Vestd have built a product around customer needs as their number one priority, leveraging technology. They have made something that is normally extremely complex and difficult to do, seamless and simple.

Ritam Gandhi, Studio Graphene

We’re obsessed about making shares easy to use for small businesses

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