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Transform how your employees think about your company.

  • Unlimited, industry leading support

  • End-to-end share scheme management

  • Full legal compliance

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Scheme members:


£100 / mo

Everything simple companies need to get started with shares and options

  • 1 share class

  • Custom articles

  • Complex shareholder agreements


  • Eliminate unnecessary legal fees (and paperwork)
  • Issue shares and options instantly
  • Track ownership


£150 / mo

All the tools growing businesses need to flexibly share equity with their team

  • 1-3 share classes

  • Custom articles

  • Complex shareholder agreements

Starter, plus:

  • Ongoing valuations for non-complex EMI option approval
  • Concierge support and setup of option schemes, including bulk uploads


£250 / mo

Full service equity and share management for more complex businesses

  • Multiple share classes

  • Custom articles

  • Complex shareholder agreements

Standard, plus:

  • Ongoing valuations for complex EMI approval (inc Val231 preparation)
  • Import and manage existing schemes
  • Stock transfers and new share classes

All prices shown are excluding VAT.

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All core features

Setting up a share scheme is more than just a document, Vestd is here for the life time of your scheme. It's our job to keep you and your team on track every step of the way.

Issue shares and options instantly

Compliantly execute all share transactions, grant options and generate certificates.

Paper free, digital signing

Eliminate paperwork, wet signatures and Excel spreadsheets.

Board & shareholder approval, without the hassle

Vestd generates all board and shareholder resolutions and automatically sends those for digital signing.

Set dynamic vesting schedules

Powerful scheduling tools to fit your specific requirements.

Add / remove team members easily

Easily add new team members as you grow. And compliantly cancel options if an employee leaves or things don’t work out. Including the partial cancellation of an option.

Digital exercising

Easily turn your employees into legally compliant shareholders. No paperwork, no posting, no wet signatures.

Full companies house integration

More than a digital record. We help you meet your legal requirements when making share transactions by completing all filings and paperwork on your behalf.

All HMRC notifications and submissions

From the initial registering of your scheme right through to adding option holders and annual reporting. Don't worry, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Track ownership, your single source of truth

A real time, shareable and powerful cap table. Every transaction in one place. Simulate dilution. Goodbye version control.

Seamless experience for your employees

You can have confidence your team have all the information they legally need to. Shares, documents, vesting schedules and certificates all in one place.

Secure document vault

All your company documents in one place. View real time signing status and easily see what’s outstanding.

Your legal register

Every UK company has to have a Legal Share Register, Directors Register and a PSC Register. We’ve got you covered on all counts.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t want to be trapped in a long term subscription?

You won’t be. You can easily leave Vestd at any time.

What if I want to stop my subscription but still have share agreements that haven’t vested?

If during the vesting period of a share agreement you no longer wish to use Vestd we make it easy to leave. If it’s an option scheme we simply help you export your documents and details. If you’ve been using growth shares, you would forgo the ability to cancel these shares at a later date, as the conditional structure Vestd provides can only be facilitated while the shares are on the platform.

Why do you charge a monthly subscription and not a one off fee?

Keeping your share scheme legally compliant is so much more than the initial agreement. That’s why many schemes aren’t compliant on exit. Vestd is here for the lifetime of your scheme and we keep you and your team on the right track every step of the way with unlimited access to our expert team. From companies house updates to HMRC submissions to compliantly adding new and removing old people from your scheme. Not to mention the ongoing vesting and then exercising of options.

We find that over the lifetime of a scheme, Vestd ends up being thousands of pounds cheaper for our customers than alternative routes.

Luke Fisher from ThanksBox

We needed a solution that had the right balance of speed, quality and affordability. Vestd excelled for us on all three. The level of service was far beyond what you’d expect from a software product.

We’re a team obsessed about share schemes and helping small businesses with their equity

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