You want to issue growth shares but have been put off by the cost and complexity.

  • How do you give non-employees shares in the business, tax efficiently, when they don't qualify for EMI options?
  • What happens if you give growth shares and the other party doesn't deliver what they promised?
  • How do you give real ownership and not just an option to buy at a later date?
  • Are you sure your accountant can navigate such a complex area, or will you have to hire a specialist lawyer too?
Chris Drummond, Crafted Crate

Using our equity to boost business has been a revelation. We needed more customers but wanted to ensure they were right for us and that we could offer them loads of value. By inviting them to be shareholders we’ve created a real community of advocates.

Imagine if you could start distributing growth shares straight away...

  • Those people helping you with your business (early team, non-employees, advisors or collaborators) felt a real sense of ownership.
  • You could set conditions for your growth shares and manage the transactions yourself.
  • Avoid common mistakes when setting up growth shares schemes.
  • You could eliminate any tax implications for your recipients at the point of receipt (and they would only pay CGT at the point of a sale).
  • You only had to pay a fraction of the typical cost spread over time.
  • Issuing growth shares was as easy and straightforward as doing your payroll.

Vestd is the service you’ve been looking for...

  • You set conditions for your shareholders that, if not met, make it easy for you to get your shares back.
  • Manage every transaction and your shareholders all in one place.
  • The most efficient share scheme available, no paperwork.
  • Simple legals that you can trust, designed to protecting everyone involved
  • Set voting or none voting rights with the click of a button
  • Vestd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. That means we ensure that we always run our business in the best interest of our customers.
  • Our experts will always be available to guide you through the details in the context of your business.

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David Harvey, Seccl

Vestd was great. Loads easier and simpler than doing this the traditional way. Though almost all of the process could be completed online without any direct communication, the Vestd team were always available to answer specific questions at various stages.