Meet the features that help you create, execute and manage your employee share scheme without all the usual hassle.

Luke Fisher from ThanksBox

We needed a solution that had the right balance of speed, quality and affordability. Vestd excelled for us on all three. The level of service was far beyond what you’d expect from a software product.


Creating an EMI (enterprise management incentive) share options scheme with Vestd is easy and one of our experts will guide you through the whole process.


Full, digital, end to end execution of your company share plan. Get control, eliminate the admin and say goodbye to paperwork, posting and filing.


Manage your company's equity, share schemes and shareholders all in one place.

Robert Lynch from CityMunch

Vestd makes the world of options simple. It’s a one stop shop for anyone looking to bring other people into their project.

Robert Lynch, CityMunch

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