Your cap table is messy, confusing and possibly inaccurate.

From mind-numbing spreadsheets to dizzying pie-charts, unorganised cap tables can mean hours of just trying to make the numbers add up. You want to demonstrate to your board or investors that you know your business back to front, but you're not even sure what percentage of shares you'll have after your team have exercised their options.

Imagine if you could...

  • Ditch the spreadsheets.
  • Visualise your current cap table in seconds.
  • View all your existing shareholders, their percentages and share classes, all in one place.
  • Give your board, investors, advisors or shareholders an instant, accurate view when they asked.

Vestd can create a beautiful cap table in seconds

  • Reconcile your cap table – see if your reality is represented accurately by Companies House.
  • View all your shareholders, percentages and share classes, all in one place.
  • Share your cap table with investors, advisors and shareholders.
Ritam Gandhi from Studio Graphene

Vestd have built a product around customer needs as their number one priority, leveraging technology. They have made something that is normally extremely complex and difficult to do, seamless and simple.

Ritam Gandhi, Studio Graphene