Founders Agile Partnerships™

A new way to give people a slice of the action in a way that is fair and proportionate to what they deliver.

We designed our proprietary Agile Partnerships™ framework to be safe, fair and flexible.

  • Used for founding partners and early hires
  • Conditional – anchored around key milestones
  • Equity released in line with delivery
  • Custom-designed to fit your business
  • Affordable – from just £100 / month
  • You can potentially offset the costs

Figure out when would be good to talk and schedule a call with one of our equity specialists.

Our customers say good things...

Vestd was great. Loads easier and simpler than doing this the traditional way. Though almost all of the process could be completed online without any direct communication, the Vestd team were always available to answer specific questions at various stages.

David Harvey, Seccl
David Harvey, Seccl