The end-to-end employee share scheme platform

Vestd is the only platform with full, two-way Companies House integration, which means you can avoid a ton of paperwork. Everything is done digitally.

It is the modern way to create and manage tax-efficient employee share schemes, and we provide a guided service for the lifetime of your scheme.

Team sharing equity

Why choose Vestd?

Vestd reduces the effort needed to distribute shares in a safe, compliant, tax-efficient way. Hundreds of SMEs and investors trust Vestd for equity management.

  • Legal docs and ongoing valuations
  • Full Companies House integration
  • All HMRC notifications and submissions
  • Guided share scheme set up
  • Support from our in-house team of equity experts
  • No people management hassles
  • No more admin headaches
  • No need for compliance drama
  • No scheme design issues
  • No ad hoc fees charged

What is included?

We take care of the lifetime management of your employee share scheme, from start to finish.

That means ongoing valuations, vesting schedules, digital exercising, and all of those important HMRC notifications and submissions.

Vestd does everything you need, in one place.

How much does it cost?

Accountants and lawyers usually charge between £5k and £10k to set up a new scheme, and much more to manage it.

Our model is different: we don’t charge fees for new schemes. There are no hidden costs. Fully transparent pricing, from just £100 a month.

Experts in EMI schemes

Vestd sets up more EMI option schemes than anyone else. They are ideal for SMEs, and have huge tax benefits (if done correctly – many schemes are not compliant).

Our experts can quickly determine if your company is eligible. We can digitise existing schemes too.

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Beware, the EMI compliance apocalypse is nigh

Do you have an existing EMI scheme? Is it compliant?

  • ~50% of EMI schemes are not compliant
  • Non-compliance = large tax bill for everybody
  • Humans are error-prone – stop using spreadsheets!
  • Vestd makes it easy to digitise your existing share scheme, and we will undertake a HMRC compliance healthcheck as part of the process.

Vestd for VCs & investors

Get an accurate picture of your portfolio and full equity transparency, in one place. Real time and historic cap tables. Key activity notifications.

Vestd helps portfolio companies to stay compliant, which means founders and CFOs can focus on growth while avoiding any nasty surprises when it comes to exit.

Shares vs options: which scheme is right for me?

There are four most common ways of giving people shares, but it can be hard to navigate which one is best for you.

Download our Plain English guide to company shares schemes to compare the different scheme types.

Who uses Vestd?

Founders, CEOs and CFOs use Vestd to take the hassle out of managing share schemes.


Give co-founders and foundational hires a slice of the action.

Scale ups

Get your share scheme set up to help attract and retain talent.

Mature companies

Reward your loyal employees by giving them a piece of the pie.

VCs and investors

Track portfolio activity and view real time (and historic) cap tables.


Easily create and manage share schemes for your clients.


Upload and store key documents in your client’s secure digital vault.

Our customer stories

Here are a few real world case studies from some of our customers.

The SaaS business


The digital agency

Studio Graphene

The established SME


Ritam Gandhi, Studio Graphene

The ongoing management of EMI options is a real challenge. It’s great that Vestd have made it possible for the individual employees to be able to view what options they have been awarded via the portal anytime.

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