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The no-fuss share scheme.

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Ideal for businesses wanting to give equity linked rewards to non-employees as simply as possible.

Move quickly, minimise costs and avoid mistakes.

The most efficient share scheme available, no paperwork.

Cap table management – your shares, shareholders and unexercised options, all in one place.

FCA authorised and regulated. We ensure we run our business in the best interest of all of our customers.

  • Can be given to employees and non-employees, unlimited
  • Gives no tax advantage for company or recipient – any eventual sale proceeds over exercise price are treated as income
  • Does not require an upfront valuation

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Ritam Gandhi from Studio Graphene

Vestd have built a product around customer needs as their number one priority, leveraging technology. They have made something that is normally extremely complex and difficult to do, seamless and simple.

Ritam Gandhi, Studio Graphene
Leon Ifayemi from SPCE

As a Founder, I wanted to reward my early stage team with shares, but with conditions attached. It’s been incredibly simple to use Vestd to build my team, and now that we have successfully completed our first major round of funding, we are looking for everyone to share in our success.

Leon Ifayemi, SPCE
Tom Nixon from Maptio

Vestd has done all the tedious groundwork to give a business everything it needs to distribute equity using a simple online platform.

Tom Nixon, Maptio
Hana Sutch from Go Jauntly

We’ve been able to cherry pick the best people and because we’re collaborating for equity, they’re just as invested in the business’s success as we are. It’s a fantastic human motivator.

Hana Sutch, Go Jauntly

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Our legal partner


Vestd’s legal structure has been crafted by the brightest legal minds at CMS (formerly Olswang), a London law firm with global prestige, which specialises in cutting edge technology and media businesses.

They are some of the best lawyers money can buy but we know the investment we’ve made in working with them is worth every penny, and will give you the confidence that Vestd’s structure is designed to protect you, your business and your shareholders.