You want a share scheme that’s tax efficient and suited to your unique circumstances, but you’re overwhelmed by all the options.

‘The whole process is cumbersome, expensive and confusing’ is what one of our customers felt when they started looking into traditional share schemes. ‘The paper based process that exists today is archaic and a hindrance for innovative companies’ said another. Are you sure whether an EMI share scheme, unapproved options or growth shares is best for your business?

Imagine if...

  • Issuing shares and granting options was even easier than doing your payroll.
  • You only had to pay a fraction of the cost spread over time.
  • You could confidently set conditions for your shares and manage the transactions yourself.
  • You had robust templates you could rely on.
  • Or, you could use your own documents and execute and manage them digitally.
  • You had expert guidance and support to help you understand all the options.
Leon Ifayemi from SPCE

As a Founder, I wanted to reward my early stage team with shares, but with conditions attached. It’s been incredibly simple to use Vestd to build my team, and now that we have successfully completed our first major round of funding, we are looking for everyone to share in our success.

Leon Ifayemi, SPCE

On Vestd you can create a share scheme tailored to your business’ needs or execute a scheme you’ve developed with your professional advisor.

  • Create a share scheme via a web interface that's easier than any online banking or accounting application you've ever used.
  • Manage every transaction in one place, including ordinary share movements.
  • Maximise your tax efficiency and ensure you stay legally compliant.
  • Legals you can trust from Vestd. Or, use agreements and documents prepared by your own professional advisor.
  • All digitally signed and stored with instant access, so no paperwork.
  • Shareholder and director authorisations are automated, signed and submitted to Companies House.
  • Secure document folder.
  • Automated notifications for all Companies House and HMRC submissions.
Hubert Bienias from Leantech

The combination of smart online tools and outstanding personal support. This platform makes something which should be relatively simple come back to being simple.

Hubert Bienias, Leantech


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