You want to give your clients the best service you can when it comes to managing their equity and share schemes.

But the unending admin, on-going management and record keeping can make this impossible to deliver.

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It’s taking too much of your time and resource printing out documents and chasing paperwork to be signed. You've got spreadsheets and calendar notifications set up to remind you to schedule submission to HMRC and follow up with clients, but are they always accurate? Do things get lost in the chaos? Are some clients potentially in danger of losing their EMI qualification status?

  • The manual process you currently use for record keeping leaves too much room for mistakes and inaccuracies.
  • You spend more time chasing clients for signed paperwork than you do giving them valuable strategic advice.
  • Your time is being consumed by low-value admin.
  • Your clients often don’t follow through with the things they need to do their end.
  • Documents are not being kept in one place, they are unorganised and are not always securely transferred.
  • It’s a lot of effort to set up reminders and notifications for each client, but when you forget the consequences can be severe.

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Imagine if all the low value admin work was easy and quick to execute and manage

  • Your clients are impressed with the efficient, digital service you are able to provide and the added value it creates.
  • You never have to apologise to a client about an error again because automated processes considerably reduce the chance of an error ever happening.
  • Board and shareholder resolutions are always completed and filed.
  • Clients have complete confidence in you because you’re using a transparent system that keeps them and you informed of all their share movements and equity related issues.

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Vestd is the service you’ve been looking for

  • Automated, digitised and integrated systems ensure accurate and reliable record keeping.
  • A simple workflow that allows clients (or you on their behalf) to create, execute and manage their share scheme using Vestd precedents.
  • The option to execute and manage schemes based on your own documents.
  • A clear dashboard that keeps all information related to equity movements of all your clients in one place.
  • Reminders on formal reporting requirements (e.g. EMI annual notification) sent automatically both to you and your client.
  • A dedicated technical support team that allows you to spend your time offering valuable strategic advice.

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Tom Nixon, Maptio

It takes the headache and cost out of allocating equity stakes to anyone helping a company get going.

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