You want to continue running a share scheme, but you're drowning in admin.

It’s taking up too much time every time one of your team has a question about their options or your board/investors want an overview. Can’t find the spreadsheet you were keeping everything on? Not sure it’s even up-to-date and or where you filed each employee’s documents? Do they have the access they legally need to have?

Imagine if...

  • Each shareholder could view their options, docs and all the associated conditions all in one place any time they have a question.
  • You always had all your shareholder information to hand in a safe place you can trust.
  • You always had an accurate, real time view of your issued and outstanding shares.
  • You didn’t get hit with expensive fees every time you want to make a change to the scheme or add someone new.
  • You didn't have to spend loads of time on admin and paperwork.
  • You knew you were managing your scheme with full legal compliance.

Moving your existing share scheme to Vestd is easy, and managing it on the online platform is even easier

  • View your cap table.
  • Shareholder portfolio: easy view for you, your advisors and your shareholders - share amounts, details, conditions and any docs all in one place.
  • Board and shareholder approval all in one place.
Ritam Gandhi from Studio Graphene

The ongoing management of EMI options is a real challenge. It's great that Vestd have made it possible for the individual employees to be able to view what options they have been awarded via the portal anytime

Ritam Gandhi, Studio Graphene


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