How growth shares work on Vestd


Your company adopts the Vestd standard Articles of Association

Our articles are based on the British Venture Capital Association’s standard template and include additional drafting to allow you to distribute growth shares in a way that protects the business.

Our structure is compatible with EIS and SEIS.

You can complete the entire process quickly and easily in only a few minutes on Vestd.


Now you can issue growth shares

You can use growth shares to award the founding team, employees, consultants, non-executive directors and virtually anyone else.

Enter what they need to do to qualify for your share award, the number of shares you’re offering and the time frame for when they’ll get them.

Then send your invitations to individuals or companies. Inviting several people is easy with our multi-person upload tool.

They then individually choose whether to accept your criteria to get the shares.

If they accept, the growth shares are automatically issued and registered with Companies House. At this stage the recipient has beneficial ownership of the shares, but they remain ‘conditional’ until the criteria has been met. You can choose Vestd Nominees Ltd to be the legal owner in order to reduce cap table fragmentation.


You’re in control and can take them back if the award criteria aren’t met

If circumstances change or the recipient doesn’t meet your award criteria you can always cancel the growth shares and we’ll just convert the allocated shares into worthless deferred shares.

Once you’re happy the award criteria have been met you make the growth shares ‘unconditional’ and they will now be dividend yielding.

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