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Customer acquisition and retention, reimagined for the 21st century

Paid ads are becoming less effective, social has got expensive and customers are becoming more flighty and less brand loyal. This all means that cost per acquisition is increasing and customer lifetime value is declining.

Vestd lets you reward your community with micro equity in seconds.

Build an army of loyal advocates by rewarding them with shares in your business.

Motivate them to purchase, to spread the word and incentivise them to stick around.

  • Simple, safe and secure share distribution
  • Minimise (or even eliminate) legal and accountancy fees
  • No tax liability for you or your customers when receiving the shares
  • You set the terms
Chris Drummond from Crafted Crate

Using our equity to boost business has been a revelation. We needed more customers but wanted to ensure they were right for us and that we could offer them loads of value. By inviting them to be shareholders we’ve created a real community of advocates.

Chris Drummond, Crafted Crate

UK businesses love using Vestd

How it works

Choose who you want to reward and how

Decide how many shares to offer and set your terms

Invite the lucky ones to the offer, they accept and bingo!

Simple, flexible and fast

Incorporate or link your business in minutes with our step-by-step guide. Make the most of our unique business structure that lets you distribute shares without the hassle of lawyers and accountants.

Easy equity rewards

Set the terms for how you share your equity with your customers or any you choose. You decide who to reward, how many shares to offer, when you issue them and any criteria they need to meet to qualify for them.

We take care of all the complexity and contracts, and then issue the shares for you. You literally only have to lift a finger.


It’s easy to reward whoever you want. Create your reward and invite individuals or groups to become part of your business.

Once they accept they can see their share details at any time on Vestd where we keep them safe and secure.

Accelerate growth

By issuing equity rewards you’re creating new opportunities to promote and grow your business.

Incentivising customers with shares gives them a reason to stick with your brand, which increases its lifetime value and wins you a tribe of eager advocates.

Safe as houses

Vestd is the world’s only equity distribution platform where you can securely distribute real shares to help grow your business.

We’re also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to safeguard and arrange transactions in shares.

Unlock the power of your equity and accelerate your growth.

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